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Faculty and Staff at Village School

Office Staff
Principal - Brian Porter
Interim Assistant Principal - Cheryl Fotter
Administrative Assistant - Michelle Donnelly
School Secretary - Mia DeSanctis
Counselor - Becky Hayward
Social Worker - Jen Baker
School Resource Officer(s)- Michael Coffin   Wayne Drown

Winston Barton - Librarian - web page
Paula Balcom - Art Teacher
Jennifer Precopio - Music Teacher

Gary Speed - Physical Education Teacher

Diane Knott - Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Daralyn McColl - Gifted and Talented EdTech

Cecely Conrad - English for Speakers of Other Languages
Lauren Besanko - ESOL EdTech

Joanne Gauley - Technology Integrator
Special Education Staff

Jan Gallaway - Speech/Language

Jessica Beaulieu - Resource Program - web page
Jane Seidenberg - Resource Program - web page

Karen Richards - Sp. Ed. Teacher

Gail Trefethern-Kelley - Occupational Therapist
Betsy Clark - Physical Therapist

Andrea Hyland - Instructional Strategist

Cheryl Fotter - Math K-5 Coordinator
Liz Collins - Math Lead Teacher

Kim Fadrigon - Literacy K-5 Coordinator - web page
Jacquie Lortie - Literacy Lead Teacher

Educational Technicians

Deidre Hamblen - Literacy Ed Tech
Deb MacKenzie - Math Ed Tech
Pam LeBlanc - Literacy Ed Tech
Terry Bjorkdahl - Literacy Ed Tech
Jennifer Mitchell - .5 Literacy Ed Tech

Tori Calabro - Alt Ed Ed Tech

Dave Thompson - Sp Ed EdTech
Faith Joyal - Sp Ed EdTech

Mary Moreno - Library/Media Ed Tech

Volunteer Coordinators
Kelly Cyr
Sharon Hamann

Cafeteria Staff
Diana Blanchard - Kitchen manager

Diane Mercier - Daytime
Parnell Terry - Maintenance

Last Modified: Dec 08, 2016
The Gorham schools are committed to the belief that all of our students will find success in school