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Village School Parent Corner

9915_20932_0.pngParent Forum Topic - October 6th and 20th, 2015

1-2-3 Magic

Anyone who is a parent knows that the job is tough, and the problem of "How do I manage my kids?" is intensified for parents in our contemporary rush-rush, worry-worry world.
Would you like to become familiar with a research-based program for managing undesirable behavior and promoting positive behavior with little to no stress?

If you answer yes, we would love to have you join myself, Jodi Mezzanotte, and Becky Hayward, school counselor, for a forum on 1-2-3 Magic for parents. The Village School Staff has been using this approach for our school-wide behavior support system and we are extremely excited to be offering this for parents this year.

9915_20932_0.pngParent Forum Topic - November 3
Parent Forum: Brain Development

Have you heard that exercise makes a positive impact on people? Do you know what the latest research says about exercise and our brain?

Please join us as we learn about how moving can help us learn.

9915_20932_0.pngParent Forum Topic - December 1
Parent Forum: Mindset

As our district continues our tandem journey with you towards Proficiency Based Education, we have been working with students and staff on having a growth mindset where we honor the process of learning and not just the product.

Please join us as we talk about a researched based theory on or Mindset and learning.

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