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Village School Opening 2016

Important Dates:

Monday, August 15th

Village Office Reopens

Monday, August 29th

9:30-11:30 a.m. Kindergarten Orientation

5:30-6:30 p.m. Grades 1-5 Open House

Tuesday, August 30th

1st Day of School for All Students

Friday, September 2nd

No School

Monday, September 5th

No School - Labor Day

Tuesday, September 6th

Back at School


Spelling Homework Looks Different!

Many of you may have noticed that your child’s spelling homework looks different this year! As we move toward full alignment with the Common Core State Standards, we are adjusting curriculum and instruction as needed.

We have modified our spelling instruction to include a phonetic spelling pattern and high frequency words each week. The first 500 Fry High Frequency Words will be covered by the end of grade five. Knowing these words builds fluency in reading and writing, allowing for deeper understanding and increased stamina.
The goal of spelling homework is to provide multiple opportunities to practice spelling patterns and high frequency words in meaningful ways. One of the most effective and efficient ways to learn spelling words is to write each word multiple times while saying the sounds and focusing on the specific spelling pattern used. Are you concerned that the spelling words are too easy? Don’t be! “The more often a student works with words that share a spelling pattern, the more likely the student is to accurately spell new words that also have the pattern” (Treiman & Kessler, 2006).
Spelling homework and weekly tests are given in grades 1-3. Grades four and five focus on word study within the classroom. All grades are responsible for a portion of high frequency words.

Word meaning and vocabulary development are no longer part of the spelling homework. In the classroom, vocabulary is taught and reinforced through mini lessons with a connection to content. At home, there is a great opportunity to teach vocabulary through reading to or with your child.

Thank you for your support at home!

Kim Fadrigon
K-5 Literacy Coordinator

Village School Crisis Drill Announcement

This is to inform you that Village School will be conducting a minimum of 10 fire drills and two crisis drills with students during the 2013-2014 school year.  This is in accordance with Maine Department of Education Guidelines that suggests crisis drills occur regularly in addition to required fire drills.  It is also standard practice within the Gorham School Department.

It is important to know that a well thought out, comprehensive and updated Crisis Plan is in place for our school and district.  This has been coordinated with public officials, practiced with our staff and students and reviewed constantly.  We continue to be vigilant around the security of our school and work with facilities and maintenance personnel to address needs as they arise.  These drills are one aspect of our safety preparedness planning.

Please know that your child’s safety and well-being while in our care is our ultimate and most important goal.  As professionals working with your children, we strive to approach your child and others within our care with calmness and developmentally appropriate insights to assist them during drills or in the case of a real emergency.

You can find a PDF Copy of the Gorham School Department Emergency Management Plan – Parent Information Guide on the Village School Website.  This may assist you in understanding the context and provide an overview of this plan.

As always, please feel free to call Village School if we can be of help to you or answer any questions.

Last Modified: Aug 15, 2016
The Gorham schools are committed to the belief that all of our students will find success in school